Dubliss Caribbean

Type: Slim Cigar
TAR: 10mg
Nicotine: 1mg


The Product
In order to meet the demand of the consumers for personalization and fashion trend of cigar, combining the rapid development in all potential markets, China Tobacco Anhui Industrial Co., Ltd. has introduced a new type of slim cigar – Dubliss Caribbean Slim Cigar. It has created another perfect interpretation of the cigar product.

Target Consumer
Dubliss Caribbean Slim Cigar is a medium to high range of its type, targeted at consumers and women to whom pursue an elegant lifestyle.

The Flavor
The product is an extension of the Dubliss line, where the style inherits the characteristics of the Dubliss brand, and further optimizes and enhances the inherent quality. The flavor is rich, delicate and moist without losing the naturalness of the taste. The aftertaste is slightly bitter and sweet.