Gem JN Green Menthol

Type: Flue-cured
Tar: 12mg
Nicotine: 1.2mg
Carbon monoxide: 12mg
Cigarette Length : 84mm
Packing Size: 20S X 10P X 50 CTN
Packing: Hard Pack
Country Of Origin: Laos


The tobacco leaves in Zambia and Zimbabwe are the main body of the formula. It is preferred that the tobacco leaves have a cool feeling of mint, the taste is more pure, the cooling taste is consistent, and the taste is round and full.

Using molecular distillation technology to extract peppermint essential oil, the cooling is stronger, the hair is more comfortable, and it is added to the tobacco with natural red turmeric as the natural essence. The aroma is cool and transparent, and the rich mint is cool in the lips and tongue. . Taking a deep breath, the smoke is turned over and flows into the mouth. It is refreshing and cool, and it feels refreshing in the summer.